Personalized Diet Plans and the Metabolic Typing Diet

Why will it work for you?

Question MarkAs you may have seen in your search for a proper nutrition solution, there are literally hundreds of diets – from the old age cabbage diet, to a low fat, and the Atkins. So what makes the Let It Heal Now solution to diet management different from the rest?

Using Metabolic Typing® we analyze your particular genetic body type based on 11 key systems in the body. The Metabolic typing® diet takes into account that we are all unique, and have different nutritional requirements. This means food types, quantity and macronutrients ratios.

As part of the Metabolic Typing® diet Let It Heal Now uses a computer-analyzed test to evaluate person’s metabolic individuality. This method has been developed over 35 years of scientific research and has proven time and time again that the body has a genetic requirements to particular food types. Once the individuals follow a personalized diet that has been designed for their Metabolic Type®, they will lose weight, perform better, banish cravings, experience exceptional energy levels, have mental clarity and many other improved functions that we take for granted..